ASHG in Orlando!

Posters and talks from the lab at ASHG 2017:

ASHG Talks

M. Kumar Freund. “Quantifying the shared genetic components of complex traits and Mendelian phenotypes.”

ASHG Posters

V. Arboleda. “Expanding the phenotypic spectrum of de novo KAT6A mutations and their impact on biological pathways through functional genomics.”

R. Brown. “GGmend: A Mendelian randomization method for finding gene-on-gene regulatory effects in the presence of unobserved confounders.”

K. Burch. “Improved methods to estimate functional enrichment from genome-wide summary association data.”

C. Giambartolomei. “Enhanced methods to investigate the role of Trans-eQTL to complex traits.”

R. Johnson. “Integrative fine-mapping of 34 complex phenotypes.”

G. Kichaev. “Leveraging polygenic functional enrichment to improve GWAS power.”

N. Mancuso. “Probabilistic assignment of causal genes at transcriptome-wide significant risk loci.”

M. Roytman. “Integrating chromatin and expression variation in statistical fine-mapping.”

H. Shi. “Local genetic correlation gives insights into the shared genetic architecture of complex traits.”